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The Quirky Substitute || Era Twelve




The elevator opening just slightly below me, as jumping down to it will be easier than jumping up, I sonic open the doors. “Jump now! I’ll take care of them.” The sonic pointed downward-ways now, the chain shortly below you starts to crack. Seeming to realize what I’m doing, the Family increases their speed of pursuit.

Rosy used the wire to give herself a boost as she took off into the air and down onto the floor. She grunts loudly as she slams onto the tile floor, hurting her leg, but she was still able to stand back up. Rosy took a look back at The Doctor and noticed that he was still not done cutting the wire. Time was running out, and quick. The main boy was merely inches away from the breaking point. She knew there wasn’t going to be enough time to completely cut The Family off. Rosy dropped to her knee, quickly untying both her shoes. 

“Don’t even think about it..” She growls under her breathe as she stands back up on her injured leg. Now, the boy was attempting to climb over the breaking point while reaching for The Doctor’s dangling feet. She raises her left arm for a good aim at the boy’s head while her other arm winds up with her shoe. “Five years of pitching for a baseball team.” Rosy smirks at The Doctor, swinging the first shoe. 

The boy’s head shot to the side from the blow and his grip on the wire weakens, but he was still attempting for The Doctor. She winds up her arm again and throws the other shoe, harder. This time, the boy completely loses his grip from the wire as he falls down into the dark. Rosy looked back at The Doctor, her eyes covered with a hint of guilt. She didn’t mean to completely knock him off, just stall him.

“Doctor! Let’s go!” 

With a thump the boy hits against the lift below, not a far enough difference for the damage to be deplorable, but certainly enough to give delay his rise for a while. Giving up my pointless attack against the chain, I turn my attention to my escape, carefully judging the distance from where I am hanging to where you are waiting for me. Tensing,  launch myself at the ledge, catching myself by my fingers and scrambling to safety.

There are doors on either side of any lift, one set on the lift itself and the other on the hold in the wall to prevent a not-so-clever individual from falling down. I sonic these preventive doors closed, now locking our assailants in and us with the ability to flee. Still I doubt it shall hold them for very long; they’re rather determined.

Tugging down on the edges of my slightly rumpled jacket and adjusting my slightly askew bowtie, I take a deep breath and smile. “Well, that was fun.”

"Now what are we gonna do?" 

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